Make Theatre. Not War.

{Sweater & Socks: h&m, Skirt: Totally Tessa, Tights: Target, Shoes:}

This past weekend I went to the Oregon State Thespian Conference and it was a total BLAST!  If you are wondering what is a thespian? It’s us theatre folk. We get together for a weekend each year to compete, take workshops, watch shows, and dance the night away!  The theme was Make Theatre. Not War. So practically 70’s themed. I made flower crowns for everyone and let me tell you, after making 18 flower crowns I will not be making anymore any time soon. But everyone LOVED them and we looked so great. It was so worth it!

I miss it so much and want to go back so bad! I have felt like this every time after something has ended this year. You would think I would’ve gotten used to it by now, but HECK NO. I have not.

At the conference I went to an African dance workshop which was so much fun and also a storytelling workshop which was hilarious! We watched some one acts and plays that schools brought to the conference. We explored Salem. We danced the night away at the themed dances each night. We made new friends. We had a blast. and We laughed….a lot.

I love my little theatre family so stinkin’ much! They’re my bestest friends.

Oh, I also got asked to Prom at the conference!

So the hunt is on for the perfect dress.

Ready. set. shop!

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7 thoughts on “Make Theatre. Not War.

  1. Love your outfit. Everyone looks super with their crowns on. Glad you had such a fun weekend–stretching your talents and meeting more wonderful friends.

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