this little place of mine.

{Pants: Nordstrom Rack; Sweater: f21; Shirt: h&m; Boots: Target}

I know I have been gone a lot lately because honestly I thought that I was “over” the whole blogging thing. It was hard to make time for it because with being a  full time student and working part time I didn’t have much extra time. But, then I realized I did miss it and that I had to make time. I want to build up this little place on the internet of mine. I don’t care if one person reads it (hi mom) or if the whole world reads it. I want this to be a place of fashion but also a place where I can share my thoughts and you can too. I want it to be a place of positivity, happiness, and fun because that is what I desperately need in my life right now.

Good talk. See ya all later!

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11 thoughts on “this little place of mine.

  1. Cute outfit!!
    I know what you mean about being “done” with blogging and then kind of missing it. I’ve been feeling like that too lately. Hopefully we can both get over this blogging-block! :)

  2. Hi Tessa! I’m just a girl from Tennessee and I’ve been reading your blog for the last year or so, and I must say that I’m so thankful that you are going to back to blogging! I love “Totally Tessa”!

  3. I’ve missed you! Your outfits are always great, and your posts always make me laugh! I’m really glad you’re back and I hope all is well!
    xo, Neely

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