Ahoy There Matey!

{Dress: c/o Shabby Apple; Shoes: Endless.com}

Before we get started here today, I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone for their sweet comments. and I just have one thing to add – a few people do smile back ¬†and just yesterday someone actually said “hi” as we crossed paths! and people I’ve met have been super nice but it just took me off guard how many gave me a blank stare. I just wasn’t used to that!

OK moving on….

The people at Shabby Apple are so extremely sweet and thoughtful that they decided to send me this oh so adorable dress!

So this is the Ahoy! dress from their newest line of dress and do you mind if I just share a few things that made me fall in love with this dress?

ok cool thanks.

1. First off can we please talk about the color?! Absolutely love. The perfect summer color.

2. The fact that this dress is lined! {Sorry I didn’t take a picture of the underside but please just take my word for it} LIke I’m talking a deeper blue liner, which is pracitcally an answer to my prayers because just ask my mother or pretty much anyone. That whenever I put on a dress or skirt I stick out my little white girl booty and ask if you can see…lets just call them my bloomers. Yeah guess what? I didn’t need to do that in this dress! FABULOUS!

3. The bow belt. Yeah enough said. OK wait…one thing… It’s stinkin’ cute and I love how it’s a different shade of blue but still goes so perfectly with the color of the dress.

4. and just the fact that this is seriously the perfect summer dress because it is comfortable and light and doesn’t need any layering which is totally a plus here in Utah with all this stupid heat!

So my life has experienced a great increase in happiness ever since this dress came my way. Seriously, it has.

Click here to be directed towards happiness and who doesn’t like a little extra happiness in their life?!

Well I hope everyones week is going on just dandy! and if it’s not…..you know what to do…..{happiness……happiness……happiness……}

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5 thoughts on “Ahoy There Matey!

  1. You look great! I looove shabby apple too.
    I hope your second week of university is going great – it’s so fun that you’re sharing your adventure on here, it’s exciting to see your updates. I’m taking a class this summer and man it is tough to focus here even with the rainy weather we’ve been having – I can’t imagine the heat down there! Good luck, and keep lookin cute, you always do :)

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