Ashland & Seattle!

Sorry it has been so quiet over here! I’ve been trying to catch up from being gone all weekend and trying to finish up some last minute projects/ study for finals. Because guess what??!!

I only have two days left in school!!! Woot woot.

Today and Thursday and then I will be done with high school. Sad but SOOO exciting. It’s crazy how a big part of my life has already come and gone! I remember being a little freshman just yesterday!

Also this weekend I went to Ashland which was FABULOUS!! We saw four amazing shows – my favorite was “To Kill a Mockingbird” {ah!! SO good! plus it’s one of my favorite books} but Julius Cesar was a close second {So intense and I loved it.}

Above is a little group photo we took before one of the shows.

So then on Monday we drove up to Seattle for the day and went to the Mariners game. {I spent a lot of time traveling this weekend!} We won so it was totally worth it plus we stopped by Ivar’s before the game. I don’t like seafood but I will eat Clam Chowder and let me tell you! Ivar’s has some of the BEST clam chowder you will ever eat. And we of course fed the seagulls some of our extra fries.

I was a little fattie and also ate a hot dog at the game…..What can I say?! I’m a growing girl!

Every time I would look away even for two seconds my dad would ask me “Tess! are you watching the game??” Ahhh dads. Gotta love ’em!

It was a fun last little family trip before my parents officially become empty nesters!

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5 thoughts on “Ashland & Seattle!

  1. You are creating so many fun memories. . . . .Happy for you, all that you have done, are doing, and that the future is so bright. Glad your sweet sister is home for you to enjoy for a few weeks before you both head out together. HAPPY GRADUATION! Love your outfits!

  2. Looks like you had lots of fun!! I adore Ashland! My hubby and I want to move there I just love that whole area. I love going to Ivar’s too. Such a fun place! So pretty right on the water. My Dad adores the Mariners. So cool that you could go to a game! Your blog is just adorable!! I read it all the time,but have never left a comment. Bad me! lol. Hope you have fun the bit of school you have and I am excited for you about starting college!
    You will do great! Hope you have a great week!! hugs!! Britt :-)

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