Goal in life.




My one goal in life has always been to become like Beyonce. Just ask anyone I know. But really whose goal isn’t to become like her? She’s freaking AMAZING! Love her.

After watching the superbowl half time show (which was the only part I watched) I said to myself, “one day I want to be as fit and flexible as her”. Man, she can work. it.


Fan girl. over and out.

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bows and a pop of pink.

_DSC0265 _DSC0273 _DSC0275 _DSC0282

{Sweater: Sloan Boutique; Blouse: SwayChic; Jeans: Anthro; Flats: Payless}

It’s finally February! The dreaded January is finally over and for some reason I feel like the new year has finally started. Can I just sat this is the best sweater? It is seriously the softest thing you will ever feel in your life and it has bows on it. hollllllaaa. Also I would like to add that I love that nail polish can add that perfect little pop of color to an outfit.

I’m headed up to Idaho Falls this weekend to spend some quality time with the grandparents with my siblings and I am super duper excited!!

Over and out. Happy weekend!


being “that” person.





{Sweater: Roommates; Blouse: Thrifted; Jeans: Anthro; Shoes: Target}

Guys I’m that person. The person who goes and burns their popcorn and stinks up the whole office. I hate that person and now I am that person. Dang it! I tired so hard not to be…

Well, you win some and you lose some.

p.s. are you loving all these pictures I’m finding that I took back when the weather was nice? me too.


ice skating.

{Coat: anthro; Jeans: Old Navy; Boots: Target; Hat: ae}

Confession. These pictures were taken back during Thanksgiving time when my family and I were staying up in Park City. If you follow me on instagram, these pictures were taken the same day this happened….

You’re welcome.

Getting to the point. Provo Utah has been miserable lately. So FREAKING cold. The other day we had black ice (literally everything was covered in ice!) which is something we would get frequently in oregon. But man, thursday morning it was literally an ice rink out there. No joke. It was out of control but so hilarious. Watch this video and see for yourself!

I had some close calls where I almost did the splits, and at one point I had one leg up in the air but managed to catch myself. It was an experience, especially since im not the best at ice skating. But once I got up to campus I see a sign on my classroom door saying that class was canceled. Are you FREAKING kidding me? I went through all that to find out that class was canceled? I was not pleased to say the least.

But now it is melting away. Thank goodness.

Stay classy out there.

Happy Weekend!


remember those warmer days?

{Dress: Apricot Lane; Blazer: Nordstroms; Boots: Target}

So I found these outfits pictures that were taken back in the day when we were trying to dress like it was cool outside when it really wasn’t and we were naively wishing that it was cooler so that we could wear warmer wintery things.

Yeah those were stupid thoughts. You can say that I’m kicking myself for that one…

Because now I sit here all bundled up hoping I don’t get frostbite every time I walk outside.  Then I start to cry when I realize that it is only mid-January and that we have many more months of this cold hell we are living in. The snow was cool for about a week and now im over it. You can go now.

Stay warm!


My annual project.

(Sweater: j. crew; Dress: Target; Scarf: Me!; Boots: Miz Mooz)

Each Christmas break I tackle a knitting project and this years was much bigger than last years. MUCH bigger. (well for me at least  im not a professional knitter by any means) Last year I knitted a hat. This year I decided it would be fun to knit 5 circle scarves. It was fun…but once I hit that 2nd one I was burnt out. haha! But it was so worth it! I gave them to each of my roommates and a friend from home and then of course I had to knit one for myself in my new favorite color.

It was the perfect gift.


{Merry Christmas and} Happy New Year!

{Jacket: Old Navy; Blouse: Francesca’s; Bag: Nordstrom Rack; Boots: Miz Mooz}

How is it already 2013? Last thing I remember, it was 1999 and I was making up dances to every song on Britneys Spears new album. How time flies…

Well my holiday hiatus is sadly officially over.  Time at home has been great, having nothing to do has been great. but after 3 weeks of doing nothing I’m starting to go a little crazy over here and need something more than getting dressed on my to-do list. I’m ready to get this new year started! Its going to be a good year full of exciting things. 2012 was pretty good but it wont be as good as 2013 will be.

2013 will be filled with travel. Did I mention that I am going on a study abroad to LONDON this spring?! I’m pretty dang excited about it. Ever since I was little the goal of “Travel the world” has been on every list I make and finally it’s becoming a reality. Plus it has always been a dream to live in London. So you can say that I will be on cloud nine the whole time I’m over there.

I’m still working on my goals for this year. Lots of personal things I want to accomplish and professional/academic things I want to accomplish as well. I’m excited for the future and what it holds for me, but also pretty dang scared. Which makes this whole thing that much more exciting.

Happy New Year to all of you!

a touch of burgundy.

{Top: Roommate (via Anthro); Pants: Old Navy; Shoes: Target}

The joys of having roommates with cute clothes is that your closet triples in size. and I am loving it. Also can I point out that I’m OBSESSED with this lip color. Burgundy is my new favorite color.  and Yes, I know it looks fabulous on me.

Well my weekend plans consist of the Killers Concert and many birthday celebratory activities for one of my roommates. So you can say this weekend is going to be a blast and very eventful!

What do you have planned for this weekend?

its bright out here.

{Sweater: Roommates (Gap); Blouse: f21; Jeans: Anthro; Shoes: Target}

I am loving the idea of wearing bright neon pieces into the winter season. Adding some pizzaz to the dreary winter months is always nice. Also can I say that these leopard flats are the new love in my life. Who needs boys when you have these babies to keep you company? Yeah, thats what I thought.

Happy Wednesday!

Thanksgiving Day.

Yes I know everyone has moved onto the Christmas Season but I just need to say Happy Belated Thanksgiving before I fully dive into the Christmas Season (even though I started listening to Christmas music and decorated for the holidays long before Thanksgiving….guilty as charged.)

As most Thanksgivings go we took family pictures, ate, told stories, ate some more, and went to see the new Bond movie.

Even though we drive each other CRAZY some times, we also can act the CRAZIEST with each other. Love them to death.

We all gathered around and listened to stories about my grandparents childhoods and the cute story of how they met. So grateful that all four of my grandparents are still alive and the great example that they set for me.

Then we ate pie. Lots of pie. 3 pieces to be exact.

I have a lot of things to be grateful for in my life right now.

Family. Friends. Education. Opportunities. The Gospel. and so much more.

Happy Be-lated Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for?

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