blue is my favorite.

blue stripesblue stripes3blue stipes2blue stripes

Dress: Modbe; Shoes: Steve Maddens; Necklace: some daily deals website.

blue stripes4

Honestly, this summer was the summer of purchasing J.Crew knock-off statement necklaces for like $12. and I definitely don’t feel bad about it. It was also the summer I realized that half my closet is blue or white, and this dress is no exception. What can I say? blue is my favorite. I honesty try to add in more color but I’m just drawn to more of the neutral colors. I mostly leave the pops of color for accessories, but sometimes I get crazy and wear my bright red skirt.

5 and a half years…

middle part6

middle part 8 middle part8



I’ve had straight across bangs for 5 1/2 years. That’s a freaking long time. but I love them and they have become my signature. lately I have been itching to do something new with my hair and I thought cutting it short would fulfill that need but it has taken me so long to get my hair this length and I LOVE it. so the long hair is here to stay.

Then I was thinking the other day how much I love the long hair and middle part. and I thought, “why don’t I grow out my bangs?!” crazy, but its time for a change, ya know? and hey, if I don’t like it I’ll cut my bangs again. easy peasy. and I always wanted to be a flower child so here is my chance.

I think a reason why I’ve kept my bangs for so long, other than just being in love with them, is that they are a pain. in. the. butt. to grow out. but I’m gonna do it. and i need you to keep me to my word.

plus i already have a flower crown so I’m half way there.

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