a graduation.



{blouse: f21; skirt: the limited; shoes: miz mooz; sunnies: target}

Note to you all that I’m sorry I’m not sorry but this little blog of mine is going to turn into a little bit of a travel journal of my time aboard in London town where I will share my daily travels and outfits of course.

I hope you tag a long with me during this exciting time.

But as I am on way to London as you read this, here is one last traditional outfit post of the outfit I wore to my sisters college graduation!  3 down, 1 to go. I hope I make it through! haha

So proud of that girl and all that she has accomplished! She is going to be the best drama teacher any school has ever seen!


Rock and Roll. or thumbs up, which ever you prefer.

Peace out America. See you in 7 weeks.

London: 20 days!

dsc_0141 dsc_0146


dsc_0147 dsc_0150

Sweater: j.crew, Shirt: Old Navy, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Sperry’s

I leave the country in 20 days!! This past weekend I decided what I’m packing for the 7.5 weeks that I will be in Europe! Let me just say that only being able to take one reasonably sized suitcase is the pits! Especially for an over-packer like me. My sister was helping me and she kept vetoing the amount of things I would pull out. booooo….doesn’t she know that no one likes a party pooper? The trick was to pick pieces that all mixed and matched and could wear a million different ways. But I think I might have it narrowed down and might just share with you what im bringing!

Now I just have to get through finals…woof.

P.s. Any good book/entertainment suggestions for the plane ride? Help!!

New. New. New.

It’s a new year. a new term. and a new blog!

It’s so exciting to have the design all finished and I love it and I hope that you do as well. The lovely Erisha of A thing Created is the mastermind behind the fabulous new header and I am obsessed with it. She is such an amazing artist and I love all of her work and you definitely need to check out her site. It’s my new favorite!

Name Change.

So I have been wanting to distance my self from “Totally Tessa” for a long time now and with the new design it was perfect timing. I started this blog in high school and the blog name “Totally Tessa” fit for that time in my life, but since coming to college and as I prepare for a future career I wanted something different. I love my name and the way my first and middle name sounds together – “Tessa Leigh”. That was it. My new blog name. It was a done deal.

So welcome to Tessa Leigh, a personal and daily fashion blog!

There is something about a clean slate at the New Year that is so refreshing and motivating. I’m really looking forward to keep growing this blog this next year and I am so thankful to all of you who stop by here at the new and improved Tessa Leigh styles blog.

Happy Monday!

{Merry Christmas and} Happy New Year!

{Jacket: Old Navy; Blouse: Francesca’s; Bag: Nordstrom Rack; Boots: Miz Mooz}

How is it already 2013? Last thing I remember, it was 1999 and I was making up dances to every song on Britneys Spears new album. How time flies…

Well my holiday hiatus is sadly officially over.  Time at home has been great, having nothing to do has been great. but after 3 weeks of doing nothing I’m starting to go a little crazy over here and need something more than getting dressed on my to-do list. I’m ready to get this new year started! Its going to be a good year full of exciting things. 2012 was pretty good but it wont be as good as 2013 will be.

2013 will be filled with travel. Did I mention that I am going on a study abroad to LONDON this spring?! I’m pretty dang excited about it. Ever since I was little the goal of “Travel the world” has been on every list I make and finally it’s becoming a reality. Plus it has always been a dream to live in London. So you can say that I will be on cloud nine the whole time I’m over there.

I’m still working on my goals for this year. Lots of personal things I want to accomplish and professional/academic things I want to accomplish as well. I’m excited for the future and what it holds for me, but also pretty dang scared. Which makes this whole thing that much more exciting.

Happy New Year to all of you!

Thanksgiving Day.

Yes I know everyone has moved onto the Christmas Season but I just need to say Happy Belated Thanksgiving before I fully dive into the Christmas Season (even though I started listening to Christmas music and decorated for the holidays long before Thanksgiving….guilty as charged.)

As most Thanksgivings go we took family pictures, ate, told stories, ate some more, and went to see the new Bond movie.

Even though we drive each other CRAZY some times, we also can act the CRAZIEST with each other. Love them to death.

We all gathered around and listened to stories about my grandparents childhoods and the cute story of how they met. So grateful that all four of my grandparents are still alive and the great example that they set for me.

Then we ate pie. Lots of pie. 3 pieces to be exact.

I have a lot of things to be grateful for in my life right now.

Family. Friends. Education. Opportunities. The Gospel. and so much more.

Happy Be-lated Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for?

this little place of mine.

{Pants: Nordstrom Rack; Sweater: f21; Shirt: h&m; Boots: Target}

I know I have been gone a lot lately because honestly I thought that I was “over” the whole blogging thing. It was hard to make time for it because with being a  full time student and working part time I didn’t have much extra time. But, then I realized I did miss it and that I had to make time. I want to build up this little place on the internet of mine. I don’t care if one person reads it (hi mom) or if the whole world reads it. I want this to be a place of fashion but also a place where I can share my thoughts and you can too. I want it to be a place of positivity, happiness, and fun because that is what I desperately need in my life right now.

Good talk. See ya all later!



I don’t have a car here at school, so last night I borrowed my sisters because I had to go somewhere that would a little difficult to get to on my bike. And I forgot how much I missed it. I forgot how liberating driving by yourself down the freeway is. I forgot how I loved that time to myself with my thoughts. I forgot how I loved blasting music and singing at the top of my lungs and not caring that I probably sounded like a dying cow I was so off key. With the music blasting, vocal cord pumping, my foot ever so slightly kept pushing down on the gas. I was in the zone with the dark road and unknown laid out before me, waiting for me.


cooking for yourself.

{Dress: Thrifted, Boots: Ether, Sweater: Nordstrom Rack}

Well hey there. So yeah I know it’s been awhile. School is crazy. Work is crazy. Life is crazy. I’m not even technically all the way unpacked yet and we are heading into what? Our third week of school of here. So yeah…

Which is better? The dorms or an Apartment? Apartment by a landslide. But you freaking have to cook for yourself which kind of sucks. and do you want to know what sucks more? grocery shopping. The other day I swear (and she swears too) that I called my mom like 10 times when I was grocery shopping asking her all these questions about how many cups are in a can of chicken broth and which kind of meat I needed to buy for this recipe and spices and where I would find this item in the store. I would just hire a personal chef but apparently that is not in my poor college student budget. dang…

Well, I’ll get the hang of it…someday… i hope…

P.s. Sorry these pictures are way overexposed. Its been a rough couple of weeks if you hadn’t guessed. haha

thanks for calling…

{Dress: f21, Shirt: h&m, Shoes: Miz Mooz}

This summer I have been working a customer service job where I answer phones all day with the greeting of ” Thanks for calling *Company Name* this is Tessa, how may I help you today?”

You have to understand that this is for 40 hours a week and you can imagine how many calls that is. So it’s pretty engraved into my head when I answer the phone.

Well, this weekend my home phone rang and so I answered it. Naturally. Saying “Thanks for calling *Company Name*…urr Hi! uhhhh… Sorry!” and then just being embarassed the rest of the phone call that ended up being for my dad…

It was just great…

Happy Monday!

out on the dance floor.

{Skirt: Thrifted; Shirt: h&m; Shoes: Old Navy}

I got back in town yesterday from Arizona and I am exhausted! I feel like I could sleep for 5 days straight at the moment but I had to get back to the 8 to 5 job today…

One thing that baffles me about Arizona is how it can still be over 100 degrees at 11 at night?! It’s just out of control!

My brothers wedding was perfect, elegant and delicious! I had two pieces of wedding cake…whoops! Once the dancing started my sister and I kicked off our shoes and danced the night away. We were out there bustin’ our groove thang the whole time. That’s just how we roll. You can just say my feet were pretty sore….But totally worth it.

My mom got some pretty great pictures. I’ll have to post them later! So look out for an update!

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