the perfect beach outfit.






{Tank: c/o Skip N’ Whistle, Shirt: j. crew, Shorts: h&m}

Since coming back from London I have been taking it easy, like real easy, before I have to start my 40 hour a week job – the reason why I came home for the summer. After traveling around Europe for 7 weeks my body was in need of some major TLC. I’ve been going to yoga with mi madre several times a week – who has turned into the real yogi! – to stretch and strengthen my muscles. Now if I could just talk my way into getting a massage – that would be the cherry on top.

Now my family is at the beach for our annual week at the beach for the forth of july – which is absolutely my favoritest holiday!! – and I have just been lounging around at the beach taking advantage of the beautiful weather we have been having – which is not normal for the Oregon Coast, despite the fact that it is July!

I have been doing this all while sporting the perfect summer tank I got from Skip N’ Whistle. Seriously guys, I’m like obsessed with it. Don’t worry I haven’t worn it everyday since I’ve gotten it but it has showed up quite frequently in the last week! Since the Oregon Coast can get quite windy throwing on a plaid button up over my top has been the perfect way to stay comfortable and to keep my oh so pale skin from getting extremely burnt!


A Dress Review: this little thing called love.





Dress: c/o eShakti, Denim Shirt: Target, Shoes: Ruche

We’ve all been in the situation where we take that super cute dress, shirt, skirt, etc into the dressing room and then you put it on and it looks horrible. If only the length was different or the sleeve hit a different part of your arm, or if it was taken in a little on the side. We’ve ALLLL been there.
When eShakti contacted me I was ecstatic because they hold all the answers to our problems.
It’s called customization baby. and eShakti has it.
You can change the length of your dress or skirt. Change the sleeve length. Change the neckline. You can even put in your exact measurements! It’s the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and I already have another dress in the mail for me right now…no joke. Plus they have super cute clothes!
To spread this little thing called love, my new best friends at eShakti are offering you guys 20% OFF when you shop at eShakti by entering the discount code TTLLYTESS*.
*valid from 03/25/13 thru 04/15/13.


A Morning at Apricot Lane Boutique.

I was absolutely honored when Aubry from Apricot Lane Boutique contacted me a while back to come and be one of their featured fashion bloggers. I had the opportunity  a couple of saturdays ago to go over to Apricot Lane Boutique which is located at The Shops at the Riverwoods here in Provo, to pick out my look for Fall. Holy cutness. I loved the store and all the girls there made me feel like a VIP. They didn’t just treat me like a VIP, but made every other customer feel valued and important as well. I was greeted right away by the lovely Aubry and got right down to business in searching for my perfect Fall outfit.

As I was walking through the store I was trying not to pick everything off the racks to try on. What girl doesn’t like to play dress up? At first, I just walked by this dress, but then one of the girls was like “You have to try this on! It looks so cute!” And she was totally right. I can’t believe I passed it up at first! When I came out of the dressing room we all “ohhh” and “awwwed” over how great this dress was and I felt like a million bucks. This dress is so classic and flattering on. I felt like Audrey Hepburn. Not only did I feel classy, but a little sassy with the exposed zipper and lower cut in the back. Love! The girls then helped me pick out some simple accessories that would go perfectly with classiness of the dress. Oh my goodness, this bag. Let me tell you. I fell in love, almost more in love than I had with the dress. This is a great bag.

I named my look, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” because this outfit would be great for going out to brunch on a crisp fall morning. Also I felt like Audrey Hepburn so I couldn’t help but have her inspire the name of the outfit! I can’t wait to pair this dress with some fall colored tights and great boots for those even cooler autumn days.

Dress: Apricot Lane

Bag: Apricot Lane

Bracelet: Apricot Lane

Shoes: Target

Loving Apricot Lane? You can keep up with them through the following social media sites:






summer to fall.

Outfit 1: Blouse: c/o swaychic, Sweater: Mom’s Closet, Jeans: Old Navy; Shoes: Payless

Outfit 2: Blouse: c/o swaychic, Pants: Anthropologie {on sale!}, Shoes: Nine West

I recieved these blouses from SwayChic last week and I was so excited because they are perfect for transitioning into fall. They are light weight and are perfect for warm summer and fall days but are also perfect for layering when fall hits.

A little about SwayChic, is that they have a great selection of trendy, fashion forward items ranging from tops to dress and shoes to earrings all at a great price that would add some, what I like to call, pizzazz to your closet. and who doesn’t like a little pizzazz?

They have locations throughout California but they just started an online store for us noncalifornians! Hooolllllaaaa!  

So go check them out!

straightening things up.

To me, doing my hair has always seemed like a chore. Maybe I’m lazy or maybe….yeah there really is no other reason. The people over at Misikko generously sent me the HANA Titanium 1.5″ Flat Iron. It sounds fancy doesn’t it?! Well, it works like a dream and I love using it! Hair is a chore no more.

So i have these awkward wannabe beach curls when I air dry my hair because I hate blow drying my hair, especially in the summer. It’s just too hot! This wonderful flat iron erases them all away! They also sent me some heat styling oil which HOLY COW makes my hair SUPER soft and makes my hair look that much more fabulous. A heat protectant is really important, especially for me since I have such thin, fine hair.

Oh! you know what else I love about this flat iron?? that you can adjust the heat on it! It’s so nice because my other straightener only has one setting and I like to keep it on a lower heat since I don’t want to totally scorch my fine hair.

So go on over and check out their fabulous site that has many fabulous flat irons, hair dryers, curling irons and much more that might catch your eye!

Ahoy There Matey!

{Dress: c/o Shabby Apple; Shoes:}

Before we get started here today, I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone for their sweet comments. and I just have one thing to add – a few people do smile back  and just yesterday someone actually said “hi” as we crossed paths! and people I’ve met have been super nice but it just took me off guard how many gave me a blank stare. I just wasn’t used to that!

OK moving on….

The people at Shabby Apple are so extremely sweet and thoughtful that they decided to send me this oh so adorable dress!

So this is the Ahoy! dress from their newest line of dress and do you mind if I just share a few things that made me fall in love with this dress?

ok cool thanks.

1. First off can we please talk about the color?! Absolutely love. The perfect summer color.

2. The fact that this dress is lined! {Sorry I didn’t take a picture of the underside but please just take my word for it} LIke I’m talking a deeper blue liner, which is pracitcally an answer to my prayers because just ask my mother or pretty much anyone. That whenever I put on a dress or skirt I stick out my little white girl booty and ask if you can see…lets just call them my bloomers. Yeah guess what? I didn’t need to do that in this dress! FABULOUS!

3. The bow belt. Yeah enough said. OK wait…one thing… It’s stinkin’ cute and I love how it’s a different shade of blue but still goes so perfectly with the color of the dress.

4. and just the fact that this is seriously the perfect summer dress because it is comfortable and light and doesn’t need any layering which is totally a plus here in Utah with all this stupid heat!

So my life has experienced a great increase in happiness ever since this dress came my way. Seriously, it has.

Click here to be directed towards happiness and who doesn’t like a little extra happiness in their life?!

Well I hope everyones week is going on just dandy! and if it’s not… know what to do…..{happiness……happiness……happiness……}

ModBod Review

So like a long time ago ModBod sent me some fabulous basic shirts and I have been a bad blogger and just now have finally gotten around to reviewing them! Finishing high school and going off to college is a lot more time consuming than I thought it would be. Ok enough excuses!

Here we go!

First up the Cap Sleeve. So comfy and perfect for wearing with you sleeveless summer tops and dresses!

Then the Perfect Tee. There is a reason why it is called the perfect tee….You can layer it or wear it by itself on a warm summer day!

Next is the fabulous Cami! I love the neck line on this because my bra doesn’t awkwardly hang out the sides because the cami neckline cuts in too far. Do you know what I mean? Well I love it, which is all that really matters.

Then last but certainly not least the Tank. I just have to say I loved wearing the tank with this top because I used to only wear a cami with this oh so cute but very shear top and you could always see my bra straps…tacky! But the tank has fabulous thick straps that cover my bra straps! Problem solved.

Can I just say I love these shirts?

1. They don’t ride up which I absolutely LOVE! There is nothing more annoying when you have to be constantly pulling down your undershirt that should be covering up certain areas.

2. The shirts are a really nice quality. They are light enough but still a have a good weight to them so they will last and the fabric is super soft and comfy!

3. The shirts are long enough to cover but not too long to create so much extra bulk.

So I give ModBod an A+!

In all I just love wearing these shirts and you should too! So go check out their wonderful website and try them out for yourself!

P.s. My room is almost all set up and today is first day of class! More on all of this on Wednesday!

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