Here it is!

Prom was so extremely fun and it is just one of those experiences you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

I love how classy my date and I looked. Shoot, we looked good!

I can’t believe it has already come and gone. I totally felt like a princess while getting ready, which was an all day affair! I didn’t want to take my dress off the end of the day. I think there should be a day where everyone wears their prom attire to school. That would be fabulous!

Well enjoy!

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Artist- Mindy Gledhill

Song – I do adore

P.s. It’ s kinda long {sorry}, that’s why I had to repeat the song but then it turned out that two songs was too long so please excuse the end as the pictures stop but the music keeps going. Sorry, but this is one of my favorite songs and it’s super cute so it’s all okay!


YouTube Preview Image

I figured it out!! Well actually my amazing neighbor Hannah did… I am seriously SOO excited that this all worked out.

AND that you guys can finally see what I wore to Homecoming because I will definitely be wearing this dress time and time again.

So you are probably wondering who that wonderfully talented lady doing my makeup was, right?? Well her name is Jen from Classy Cosmetics.  She is the cutest person I have ever met in my life and I just love her to pieces! Her inspiration for my makeup was along the lines of Judy Garland and I think she rocked the house! I was EXTREMELY happy with the way my makeup turned out, not that I had any doubts because Jen is one amazing little lady.

So the theme of homecoming was Wizard of Oz and I went for more of the emerald city approach with my gorgeous vintage dress. It’s from the 1950’s and fits me perfectly AND was the first dress I tried on. No big deal. It was fate that we met.

I hope you enjoyed the slide show!

Dress: Xtabay Vintage Clothing Boutique

Shawl: Macys

Shoes: Gift via Nordstrom Rack

Photos: Mi madre

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