Happy 4th!



{Top: Gap, Skirt: h&m, Shoes: Sperry’s}


{Top: Target, Pants: Old Navy, Shoes: Sperry’s}


4thstyle 4thstyle

4thstyle 4thstyle

^^the woahs of taking pictures on the sand!^^

4th of July is my favorite holiday ever for many reasons:

1. It is our Nations Birthday. Go USA!

2. It consists of fireworks, parades, and BBQ’s all some of my favorite things.

3. Every other year we come to the beach for the week — my favorite place ever!

4. I love the color combo of red, white, and blue — im very patriotic, you see.

5. It’s close to my birthday! So me and the USA can celebrate together.

To express my excitement for this ever so fabulous holiday I wore some 4th of July inspired outfits!


A Dress Review: this little thing called love.





Dress: c/o eShakti, Denim Shirt: Target, Shoes: Ruche

We’ve all been in the situation where we take that super cute dress, shirt, skirt, etc into the dressing room and then you put it on and it looks horrible. If only the length was different or the sleeve hit a different part of your arm, or if it was taken in a little on the side. We’ve ALLLL been there.
When eShakti contacted me I was ecstatic because they hold all the answers to our problems.
It’s called customization baby. and eShakti has it.
You can change the length of your dress or skirt. Change the sleeve length. Change the neckline. You can even put in your exact measurements! It’s the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and I already have another dress in the mail for me right now…no joke. Plus they have super cute clothes!
To spread this little thing called love, my new best friends at eShakti are offering you guys 20% OFF when you shop at eShakti by entering the discount code TTLLYTESS*.
*valid from 03/25/13 thru 04/15/13.


A Morning at Apricot Lane Boutique.

I was absolutely honored when Aubry from Apricot Lane Boutique contacted me a while back to come and be one of their featured fashion bloggers. I had the opportunity  a couple of saturdays ago to go over to Apricot Lane Boutique which is located at The Shops at the Riverwoods here in Provo, to pick out my look for Fall. Holy cutness. I loved the store and all the girls there made me feel like a VIP. They didn’t just treat me like a VIP, but made every other customer feel valued and important as well. I was greeted right away by the lovely Aubry and got right down to business in searching for my perfect Fall outfit.

As I was walking through the store I was trying not to pick everything off the racks to try on. What girl doesn’t like to play dress up? At first, I just walked by this dress, but then one of the girls was like “You have to try this on! It looks so cute!” And she was totally right. I can’t believe I passed it up at first! When I came out of the dressing room we all “ohhh” and “awwwed” over how great this dress was and I felt like a million bucks. This dress is so classic and flattering on. I felt like Audrey Hepburn. Not only did I feel classy, but a little sassy with the exposed zipper and lower cut in the back. Love! The girls then helped me pick out some simple accessories that would go perfectly with classiness of the dress. Oh my goodness, this bag. Let me tell you. I fell in love, almost more in love than I had with the dress. This is a great bag.

I named my look, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” because this outfit would be great for going out to brunch on a crisp fall morning. Also I felt like Audrey Hepburn so I couldn’t help but have her inspire the name of the outfit! I can’t wait to pair this dress with some fall colored tights and great boots for those even cooler autumn days.

Dress: Apricot Lane

Bag: Apricot Lane

Bracelet: Apricot Lane

Shoes: Target

Loving Apricot Lane? You can keep up with them through the following social media sites:






mothers and daughters

My mom, as the creative woman she is, has had this vision of doing a mother daughter photoshoot for the longest time, so before my sister and I went back to school for fall term we met up with our fabulous photographer friend Meg {She also took my senior pictures} and made it happen.

It was so much fun and I just love Meg to death and the pictures are so beautiful! I had a hard time picking my favorites!


Ashland & Seattle!

Sorry it has been so quiet over here! I’ve been trying to catch up from being gone all weekend and trying to finish up some last minute projects/ study for finals. Because guess what??!!

I only have two days left in school!!! Woot woot.

Today and Thursday and then I will be done with high school. Sad but SOOO exciting. It’s crazy how a big part of my life has already come and gone! I remember being a little freshman just yesterday!

Also this weekend I went to Ashland which was FABULOUS!! We saw four amazing shows – my favorite was “To Kill a Mockingbird” {ah!! SO good! plus it’s one of my favorite books} but Julius Cesar was a close second {So intense and I loved it.}

Above is a little group photo we took before one of the shows.

So then on Monday we drove up to Seattle for the day and went to the Mariners game. {I spent a lot of time traveling this weekend!} We won so it was totally worth it plus we stopped by Ivar’s before the game. I don’t like seafood but I will eat Clam Chowder and let me tell you! Ivar’s has some of the BEST clam chowder you will ever eat. And we of course fed the seagulls some of our extra fries.

I was a little fattie and also ate a hot dog at the game…..What can I say?! I’m a growing girl!

Every time I would look away even for two seconds my dad would ask me “Tess! are you watching the game??” Ahhh dads. Gotta love ’em!

It was a fun last little family trip before my parents officially become empty nesters!

Totally Tessa Grows Up

Since Tessa is gone to Ashland for the weekend and won’t have access to a computer, I am taking over Tessa’s blog today.  This is her mom!

One of the traditions we have at church is a Senior Quilt Night for all the graduating seniors.  All the women come together to tie a quilt for each of the girls.  Part of the program is a slide show.  The mothers put together a series of photos of their girls growing up and put it to music.

I just had to share the one I did for Tessa – I think you’ll like it and it is fun to see her grow up.  As you’ll see, she had a flair for fashion from the very beginning!

Enjoy! (Sorry but the music continues too long at the end)

Song by Mindy Gledhill – Whole Wide World

Let’s “Sail Away” Grad Party.

My friend Rachel and I are having a joint Grad Party for all of our friends and we wanted to have a theme party because themes just make everything just WAY more fun! So we decided on the theme “Sail Away” as we will both be “sailing away” to college!

Very cute and clever, we know.

So for our invitation we obviously had to have a nautical themed photoshoot! and I just wanted share some of the cute, crazy, funny pictures we took!

Here is our invitation:

We are both super excited for our Grad party and all the cute things we’ll have for our guests…..like a fun photo booth and cute cupcakes!

I’m just so stinkin’ excited that I just had to share this with you peeps and will definitely be sharing pictures of the party!

Orlando in Pictures

I’m about to take you on a photo adventure of my trip to Orlando.

You ready? It’s kind of a picture overload so prepare yourselves.





{Totally ready to go with my Mickey ears in place!}

{First day – Typhoon Lagoon where my shoulders got so incredibly burnt. One word: Ouch x1843985478. I even put on SPF 50……But still SO fun}

{Second Day – MAGIC KINGDOM!}

{Ice Cream treats in the shape of Mickey are a million times more tasty. Check out that Sunburn. SEXY!}

{The firework show is pure magic. Happiest moments of my life right there}

{Loved every minute of this parade}

{Third Day – 3 hour nap and EPCOT!}

{Found this little treasure. Wanted to take it home with me so bad but I had to leave it in EPCOT. Sad day}

{I felt like such a little kid getting my picture with some of the characters and it seriously was the best thing ever! Made my day.}

{We traveled through all the different countries but stopped in France for some Crepes. So delicious}

{Fourth Day – Downtown Disney and DECA – we actually did DECA everyday but this was the only day I documented part of it.}

{DECA rocks…… This venue held all 15,000 of us. It was crazy to say  the least.}

{We got kind of bored during some of the sessions, so we took funny/ugly pictures of ourselves. Problem solved.}

{Fifth Day – Islands of Adventure/ Universal Studios}

{Can’t say I’m the biggest fan of big crazy roller coasters, so my friend and I stuck to the fun and not as intense ones}

{HARRY POTTER WORLD – the flight simulator ride was my favorite! SOOO cool.}

{So delicious and tasted like cream soda}

{Breakfast Waffles for dinner= DELICIOUS. p.s. this was taken on my disposable camera}

{One last look for you peeps}

I hope you made it to the end and enjoyed a journey through pictures on my trip to Orlando for DECA nationals!

Girl Crush.

I love me some Adele, but seriously who doesn’t?

I’ve always been a fan but in the last 3 weeks or so my obsession with her has gotten a little out of control.  With her cd playing 24/7. literally. and it never gets old.

Her songs are amazing. Pure magic. Filled with so much honesty. Plus she is totally gorgeous.

But I wanted to share my favorite song of hers with you peeps.

It will break your heart.

Someone who can still sing with that much emotion after all the times they have sung the same song. Is absolutely extraordinary.

Releasing some of that stress.

{Pants: Old Navy, Shirt: Target, Sweater & Belt: Thrifted, Shoes: Ether}

This week was a long and stressful one. When I get stressed my body decides it doesn’t like food or sleep. My two favorite things, so we were definitely not getting along that is for sure. It was only Wednesday by the time my body decided to finally throw in the towel and break down. {It was pretty bad…} So I took the day off to recover, which was exactly what I needed!

This is how I released my stress on Wednesday….

Anybody want to contribute?

The inside is my favorite part. I have been dreaming of visiting London for as long I can remember so I decided to make a little piggy bank so I could start saving a little money to help  make that dream come true!

I did this while drinking tea and listening to my Frank Sinatra channel on Pandora. It was a fabulous day!

I have nothing planned for this weekend, which I am so excited about!

How do you peeps release stress??

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