Here it is!

Prom was so extremely fun and it is just one of those experiences you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

I love how classy my date and I looked. Shoot, we looked good!

I can’t believe it has already come and gone. I totally felt like a princess while getting ready, which was an all day affair! I didn’t want to take my dress off the end of the day. I think there should be a day where everyone wears their prom attire to school. That would be fabulous!

Well enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image


Artist- Mindy Gledhill

Song – I do adore

P.s. It’ s kinda long {sorry}, that’s why I had to repeat the song but then it turned out that two songs was too long so please excuse the end as the pictures stop but the music keeps going. Sorry, but this is one of my favorite songs and it’s super cute so it’s all okay!

It was Pretty Cute…

{Blouse & Sweater & Jeans: f21, Belt: Anthropologie, Boots: Nordstrom Rack}

I feel like I’m dressing for Fall not spring! Seriously weather? let’s warm up a little bit. okthanksluvyabye.

So I told you all that I got asked to Prom like two weekends ago while I was at the Oregon State Thespian Conference with my schools drama troupe. But I didn’t tell you how! So I thought I would do that today as Prom is Saturday! and how he asked me was rather pretty cute, not gonna lie.

So right before the big state musical number, he walks out on stage with a sign and I was thinking it had to do with something with the musical number….but no, it did not. haha  He stood there with his peace sign in hand and a “protest” type sign that said “Tessa Wilkes” on the other {sorry, I don’t have a picture of that side of the sign}. I just sat there with my mouth open thinking to myself “Are you kidding me?!” haha.  Then he finally turns the sign over and it says “Prom?” Everyone is clapping and cheering but being my shy/ embarrassed self I continued to sit there {It wasn’t like he could see me if I actually stood up. Okay?!} and just started laughing. But then my friend next to me made me stand up and I cheered along with everyone else because in truth I was pretty dang excited/ impressed about the whole situation.  It was super cute.

To answer him, I went along with the whole hippie theme and made him this pillow which turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself! I secretly wanted to keep it for myself but I was nice and gave it to him.

So there you have it peeps! The whole thing was pretty cute, right??

So I want to know how did you get asked to school dances? good and bad, lets hear ’em!

Spring Break

This morning my mom and I woke up to gorgeous weather, which is totally unheard of for the Oregon Coast in the springtime {it is supposed to start raining tomorrow. boooo.}So we walked into town to pick up some breakfast at the coffee shop all while enjoying the beautiful sunshine, blue skies, and no wind! It was a great start to the day to say the least.

After breakfast we strolled around town and almost had to start shedding some layers it was so warm! Then we headed back to the house and started in on my spring break to-do list.

{Shirt: H&M, Dress: Hand-me-down, Tights: f21, Boots:Kohls, Necklace: Stellaand Dot}

So it’s finally starting to feel like spring as the sun has been poking it’s head out here and there after having a million days of consecutive rain! I am so ready for sunny weather almost everyday – this is Oregon after all.

Secret Garden

Last week I made a list of all things I wanted to do over spring break. My mom and I are headed down to the beach on Tuesday and I’m SUPER excited. I love going to the beach just to relax, watch movies, read, and do crafts – even if it is raining the whole time, this is the Oregon Coast we are talking about here.

So I was gonna save all this stuff to do at the beach but I just couldn’t wait to get started, so on the first official day  of spring break {Saturday} my friend Kiley and I REALLY wanted to make the floral crowns because I had seen the fabulous tutorial on Bleubird Vintage and have been dying to make one ever since. So we made them!

For the tutorial click here and it will take you on over to Bluebird Vintage tutorial. Seriously make one for yourself! I promise you won’t regret it. We sure didn’t.

I love how Kiley’s turned out! She used a lot of smaller sized flowers and I think I might have to make another one using lots of smaller sized flower because I just adore how hers looks! I used bigger sized flowers and both turned out FABULOUSLY!

{Shirt: Nordstrom Rack, Skirt: Thrifted, Tights: f21, Socks: Anthropologie, Shoes: Ether}

We love our crowns so much. We both felt like spring princesses and after making them we pranced around downtown Portland with our floral crowns and ate dinner at one of our favorite food carts – Whiffies, which serves all different types of fried pies and they are so DELICIOUS! It’s like they fried up a little piece of heaven. Literally.

In short, It was GREAT Saturday.

Since my floral crown is my new obsession {Oh no! It’s like circle scarves all over again!} I wore mine to church yesterday.

And I so plan on wearing it like everyday.

Happy Spring Break!

{Sweater: Target, Jacket: f21, Skirt: Thrifted, Tights: Target, Shoes: Payless}

Hairspray! Wow!

In honor of opening night, I am posting pictures of all my outfits I wear in the show {except my sexy gym outfit, sorry!}. I love all my dresses and one will look familiar to you. Little additions have been made to each of my costumes and my hair will obviously be teased and curled for the show. But, in short, take a little looksie at what I get to wear!!!

{Isn’t the skirt of this dress fabulous?!}

{This is my finale dress that I get to wear an AMAZING crazy wig with!}

Hey gang! I would like you to meet – Wilbur, Motormouth Maybelle, Seaweed, Amber {Me, of course}, Corny Collins, and the lovely Edna.

Woww I am so excited! Ahhhhh. I seriously love this show and am so extremely proud of everyone and the hard work they have put into making this show possible and fabulous!

Before signing out, I want to know, which dress is your favorite?

I love all of them! haha Thanks mom for making all of them for me. Love you!

Mumbling Monday

{About 15 years later…}

So I think, I think too much. {You see I was thinking about thinking} Maybe I need to get more of a social life…  I think about things I want to do but then I spend too much time thinking about them that I don’t ever have time to do them! This is one of them…

It was my mommas birthday about 2 weeks ago and as her procrastinating child that I am. I haven’t gotten her birthday present together yet…I know, I know horrible right?? But I have to say I do have an idea.

Dear Mommy,

You are my hero. You are my inspiration. When I grow up I want to be you. You have such a big heart and lots of patience for dealing with us kids {and dad too}. I love you for seeing the things I don’t at the time. I love you for always knowing what to do. I love you for making me do things I don’t want to. I love you for teaching me things. I love you for supporting me in doing the things that I love and want to do. I love the home cooked meals you cook all the time. I love that you feel like you always have to be feeding people. I love you for being a head shorter than me. I love hanging out with you. I love you for passing on your love for everything pretty, fashionable, and Jane Austen to me. I love you.

Thanks for everything.

Love, Tessa

Happy Birthday mom! I just thought I’d draw out the celebration a little bit more…


Since we’re talking about my mom, She is one of Hillshire Farms “Fresh Fifteen” and she was chosen to participate in their Most Wanted Sandwich contest. And…She kind of wants to win and I kind of want her to win! So this is where you come in…

To win she needs her sandwich to be voted the most delicious. This is how you vote – Go over to their website {} everyday between now and March 20th and vote for The Northwest Tailgate Sandwich. When you vote you will receive a coupon for $2.00 off your next Hillshire Farm purchase. You can vote every day {but you’ll only get the one coupon -sorry!} You can also vote each day from each of your computers and your phone!

You can also get the recipe for the sandwich on the website!

There is a little bit of a prize for her if she wins! The cash prize is $10,000. My mom has the opportunity to donate half of it to the charity of her choice and the other half goes to her {and she deserves it!}. Her charity of choice is March of Dimes, which is very near and dear to our hearts.

So, please go and vote for The Northwest Tailgate Sandwich!

{It will only take two seconds and think of it as a belated birthday present…}


Weekend happenings:

  • Officially finished my health online! woohoo.
  • Watched multiple episodes of Lark Rise to Candleford with my momma. {We have one more episode left on season 3! Fisher Bloom is back?? I don’t know how I feel about this… and Alf & Minnie are finally “together”!}
  • Went on my first legit thrifting excursion… and I got some great things! {pictures to come}
  • Hemmed my first skirt {Pictures on this also to come!}
  • Picked up my room and cleaned my toilet!
  • Pretended I was a photographer.
  • Was lazy and LOVED it.

What did you do this long weekend??

Happy Merry Christmas!

I wanted to wish you all a Happy Holidays! I love this time of year and the traditions my family does when we are all home for the Holidays. I can’t wait to share some of them with you next week when I return.

But before I leave… Guess who stopped by last night?! SANTA.

I guess I was just really good this year.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I Love Being a Tourist…{Part 3}

Here is part 1 and part 2 if you missed it!

Here are the last two days of my trip to New York.

Day 5:

So this was the day I was really looking forward too. Can you guess why??? This was the day that we were going to Teen Vogue. But before I blabber on about that I want to share some pictures from the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

{Aren’t those Statue of Liberty crowns and glasses awesome?! Definitely one of the reasons I love being a tourist, you can buy cool souvenirs. P.s. people totally wanted to take their picture with us. No big deal.}

We had a little run in with security at the Statue of Liberty when going through security the second time! to get into the pedestal of Lady Liberty. They wanted to search two of my friends bags (apparently we look really suspicious) but since they were underage they needed to have a chaperon present. In the end, I ran up half way up the 142 some odd stairs to find one of our teachers. Then since we were running out of time we only stayed at the top for literally 2 minutes. Then we ran down the stairs and then ran again to the front of Lady Liberty to snap a picture!  I definitely got my exercise for the day that’s for sure.

After the Statue of Liberty, we went to china town where I bargained for my mom and sisters Christmas presents and had lunch in Little Italy. Then, we went back to the hotel to get ready for…. Teen Vogue!!

It was amazing. We toured the offices, went in the clothes closet, talked with some of the employees that were there, learned exactly what each department does. Then after we had a Q&A with Eva Chen, who is the director of Beauty and Health at the magazine. She was the one who graciously agreed to give us a tour and is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. It was so crazy to actually come to terms that I was actually there, at Teen Vogue. I got to peer into Amy Astley’s, the editors, office. It was gorgeous. I also saw her pass by a couple of times and probably looked stupid with the giant smile on my face. oh goodness…

P.s. I gave Eva one of my business cards. So I think that makes me an official blogger/business person.

Here is proof that I was actually there.

I think my outfit was acceptable, don’t you think? Eva Chen was also wearing a sequin jacket and actually mentioned that we matched! I think that pretty much made my life.

After that we wandered around Time Square once again. We went to the Disney Store and I might of bought to much cool stuff. Then we had our 15 seconds of fame on American Eagles big screen in Time Square.

It was a pretty good day. Not gonna lie.

Day 6:

This was a pretty bitter sweet day. Our last day in New York. But no doubt was it fun!

We started the day off at NBC studios for a tour, which was really cool. I got to see where SNL is filmed (one of my favorite shows!). I bought a Gilly Shirt in the gift shop afterward, it’s probably one of my new favorite shirts.

Then we went on the backstage tour of Radio City. That theatre is amazing on the way it was perfectly constructed and how they can transform the theatre in so many ways for many different events. We even got to talk to a Rockette and take pictures! I learned that there are like 4 different company’s of Rockettes and that you only  have to be at least 5′ 6”!! My dream of being a Rockette is possible after all. Life is sweet.

Then we had the afternoon to do the things we hadn’t had time to do yet. My two friends and I decided to walk through Central Park. We saw a few interesting characters and got some yummy hot chocolate.

We then stopped by FAO schwarz and totally played on the Big Piano with a bunch of other little kids. Oh and totally wished I was a little girl again so I could play with this…

Is that a Barbie Foosball table you’re thinking? Why yes it is! I want it so bad, but it costs WAY more than my car. {$24,999! wowza!}

We then got a slice of Oreo cheesecake {It’s the best} at  Cafe Metro. It was a great way to end our fabulous New York trip.

We were so sad to leave.

But we all agreed that we had a BLAST and was one of the greatest experiences we’ve ever had.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to New York! It was definitely A to the MAZING!

I Love Being a Tourist…{Part 2}

If you missed Part 1 of my amazing trip to New York  go here!

Day 3:

It was freezing but worth it. I need a ski mask to keep my face from going numb. That is why I wrap my circle scarf so many times around my neck so that I can pull it up around my face. The wind makes it like 10 degrees colder, but as I said before this is whole experience is TOTALLY worth it.

Tuesday morning had to be one of my favorite seminars! Ahhhh it was AMAZING. We went to The Hat Shop which is located in Soho. It is the cutest little hat shop run by the most amazing person I have ever met in my life. I am in love with Soho. I want to live there someday, the buildings are beautiful. The owner told us to travel as much as we can, read, and learn our facts – history, geography,etc.

Her story is amazing so here is an overview- She started off working on Wall Street for 10 years. She said the first 2 years were fun but the last 8 were torture because she wasn’t doing something she loved. So then one day she quit, she told her boss she wasn’t coming back. She tried out massage therapy but didn’t like it so then she went to bartending school. She said she LOVED it but realized she couldn’t be working at a bar when she was 50 years old. So she said a list of all the things she loved and hats was one of them. With some help from friends she was able to start The Hat Shop, which she has had for about 15 years. She is brilliant! She knows everything about her hats, where the materials come from, facts about the countries they came from. She travels all over the world and 2 months out of the years to goes to live in a village in Africa, helping the people there. Sorry my description of her does not done her justice at all, but in short she changed my life! literally.

Excuse me as I go buy a subscription to National Geographic, read a newspaper, and go travel the world!

Before we left we got to pick out a hat to take a picture in(this was a very difficult choice). I feel lame not knowing what this kind of hat is called but it’s like a little party/ lets go out on a fancy date hat. Also it was one of the only ones that would work with me little bun bun and was my favorite.

{Front window display}

After half of us went to a Nate Berkus Show taping. We were V.I.P.’s, no big deal. We got seated in the first few rows, so I’m afraid that I will be on TV. If anyone sees me, I apologize in advance because I’m pretty sure I look a little awkward. Then we had a night out on the town and went to The Addams Family, the musical. It was hilarious! I loved it. Nathan Lane was great but my favorite characters were the Grandma and the daughter, Wednesday. Afterward we walked around Times Square and went to M&M world.

{Look!  somewhat of a (blurry) outfit picture!}

Day 4:

We went to the Federal Reserve and walked down Wall Street. To be honest…not very exciting. We got to visit Trinity Church though, which was absolutely breat taking. It was so peaceful and I just can’t get over the detail in the architecture.

Later that day we went to Cynthia Rowley’s, I think they called it their flagship store… Anyways this was super exciting because her clothes are beautiful! Her assistant actually talked to us and she shared about how Cynthia kind of stumbled into the fashion industry and how she got started and what projects she is doing.

Then that night we went out to dinner at the famous Carnegie Deli – We had the pastrami sandwich and strawberry cheesecake. This was the night that I had been waiting for, for practically my whole life! We went to go see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular a.k.a The ROCKETTES!!! It was amazing and I was in HEAVEN the whole entire time. We got all dressed up and had a wonderful time. For all those who have seen it before, the “Magic is There” number is my favorite! Especially the part when they are dressed up as the rag dolls. SO cute!

{Outfit picture! woohoo}

Wow, that was a lot! Almost done telling you about New York!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve. Sooo excited for Christmas. I can’t believe that it is already here!

I Love Being a Tourist… {Part 1}

A little fore warning, I am not by any means a photographer. For my trip I brought along my little Cannon PowerShot that I got back in middle school and it  has the tattoos of living in the bottom of my bag for all those years. Also, I am so glad that I kept a journal each day during this trip because if not, there  is no way I would’ve remembered all that I did by next week or next year. (So these posts are practically coming straight form my journal)

Anyways, Here we go back to the beginning…

Day 1:

At 5:15am I arrived at the airport and was relieved to find out that I would be able to buy 6 pounds of souvenirs while in New York. Our plane was delayed an hour due to weather back east, so we definitely had time to wander around a little bit. I took some outfit pictures… I’m such a fashion blogger.

The plane ride wasn’t that exciting so I’m not going to bore you on how neck pillows are the greatest things ever. Our first thing on the agenda after we got all situated at the hotel was The Top of The Rock. We walked through Time Square to get there which over stimulated my senses. Even though it was raining…I felt like I was in Oregon… the view was still AMAZING. I was still in the ” I can’t believe I’m really in New York” phase. Even though I’m pretty sure I was in that phase the WHOLE time but the first night was especially bad.

Day 2:

We started off the day by visiting Tommy Hilfiger. It was fabulous! His sister Betsey Hilfiger gave us a tour and told us how he started the company, such a cool story. It all started with a love for bell bottoms. After seeing him in them, people wanted him to bring them back some when he went to New York on the bus. He was smart and made a business out of it. He opened up a store, which he named Peoples Place,  in his hometown, Elmira , New York and started to design shirts that would go with the bell bottoms. He found inspiration form the American Flag, the Hudson river and sailboats. Form there his career just took off by meeting and knowing the right people. We then walked through the departments of specialty and wholesale, which is the Macy’s line. Our last stop was the archives room. Oh.My.Goodness. SOOOO cool. I wanted to spend all day in there just looking at all the clothes and the clothes that some celebrities wore and just try on everything!

Next stop was Yankee Stadium. We looked at the museum but I didn’t know who any of the people were that they were talking about. I know I’m such a disappointment to my father and brothers. So I was just along for the ride on this one. But it was cool to see the size of those ginormous advertisements in the stadium. Man oh man. Those definitley cost a pretty penny. Watch out, the business/marketing student in me is coming out!

After that we went to meet with the Marketing Manager at ESPN. He was alright…He talked more about himself  more than what he did at ESPN and how things worked. I’m gonna be honest. I had a hard time staying awake. I know isn’t that horrible?!  but I was so exhausted.

That night two of my friends and  I went to this place called the Burger Joint, which is a hole in the wall BUT it’s in a super snazzy hotel. Opposites attract?  It was DE-LIC-OUS! A few of us went ice skating in Bryant Park. It was a total fairytale. We were in New York. Ice skating. AND it was snowing! Doesn’t that sound like a movie? It was so fun and hilarious. I was a total pro by the end. No. big. deal. Some of us did struggle a bit though. One of us fell down about 5 times (not me though!).  It was sooo fun! I loved it.

On the way to ice skating we walked down 5th Ave, it was so pretty with all the Christmas decorations on the buildings! (I think I have some pictures of them somewhere…) But on the way back we walked through Time Square, and HAD to stop in Toys R’ US and the Ferris Wheel! Yes, we were 5 again and we loved it. My two friends and I were in the Toy Story car. It was pretty great. As you can tell…

It was such a fun filled day and I absolutely LOVED it!

P.s. I don’t mind riding the subway at all. I liked riding it. Except I still hadn’t mastered the perfect swipe of my metro card by Day 2.

Hopefully you stayed ’til the end! I know it’s long but I have so much to tell you. Make sure to check back for parts 2 and 3!

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