Flour Clothing

So I was over at Cardigan Empire today and read about this adorable giveaway she is doing, featuring Flour Clothing. Flour Clothing is a Vintage Clothing Store on Esty and has the cutest dresses, skirts, and coats ever! So I suggest you check out the giveaway, enter, and drool over the  Flour Clothings Esty Shop, I already did.

I’ll be back tomorrow with an outfit post.  Also I finally did my back to school shopping and can’t wait to share what I got with you and what I wish I could get!

Pretty in Pink

Since I will be gone this week. I found an outfit that I forgot to post. Shame on me. Especially since I love it.

I wore this a while ago but it is one of my FAVORITE outfits. It’s so feminine and pretty.  Even though I’m not a huge pink fan I love this shirt. It reminded me of the movie Pretty in Pink, and I wish that I could just design and sew my own prom dress.I can’t wait to wear a version of this outfit again! (I did wear these two blouses together in some of my senior pictures).

Pink Blouse: Anthropologie

White Blouse: Anthrpologie

Jeans: f21

Shoes: Payless

Flower Pins: f21

An All Day Event

This is what I did Saturday…

I spent practically the whole day packing for a church youth camp I’m going to in Utah. I am the SLOWEST packer in the entire world. I think it’s because I hate it and I’m always afraid I’m going to forget something, but mostly I think it’ s because when I pack an outfit I have to try it on first to make sure it fits and looks good. I know I’m weird like that.  Also I over pack like no other! I pack for all those just in case moments. I was very proud to fit everything into one suit case. O.K, maybe two. But the second one is very small and it only has my bedding and towels in it and some shoes.

I am pretty excited to wear the outfits I picked out! My friend I’m going with is going to help me take my daily outfit pictures.


The joy of  living across from a big pond is that you get to have frequent visits from lovely creatures.  Each spring we have the pleasure of catching up with the well known Gardner Snake.  As my mom and I were coming out of our house to take my outfit picture we ran into Mr. Snake on our walk way. We screamed and I ran back into the house and watched safely from behind our screen door, as I am terrified of snakes.  All of our little neighbor boys came running to see our friend Mr.Snake. Just as it was about to slither back into our bushes, one of them of course had to pick it up!  After he chased the others around with it for a little bit, he nicely put it back into the pond, where it belongs.

When I was getting dressed I didn’t mean to put on practically all black, but oh well, I still like it. There is just something about wearing black and a blazer that makes me feel classy.

Shirt: f21

Jacket: Nordstrom

Jeans: f21

Boots: Ether

Flower Pin: f21

Finals Week: Part 4

Last but not least, here is what I wore on the last day of school!

I think I tired on about 50 different outfits before I gave up and went for the simple blouse and cardigan. I have to say I am very happy that I decided on this outfit because I love how it is simple but very cute!  Especially the bow tie on the blouse.

Right after school our drama department always has a picnic each year, which the new board is in charge of. Did I ever tell you that I am the Historian for next year’s board? I can’t remember. Anyways, it was fun and relaxing. Then I finally got a much needed bang trim especially since I wasn’t going to be home for the next two weeks. (So that is why my bangs are two different lengths in these pictures).

Then later that night a bunch of us went over to Kiley’s and had a movie night. Have any of you seen Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? I think it is the best movie I have ever seen! So funny.

Shirt: f21

Sweater: f21

Shorts: Shade

Shoes: Keds

Hat: f21


My favorite word to spell in Elementary school was Mississippi. It just sounds so cool! It’s still my favorite if you were wondering.

This last week,  my mom, sister, and I went to N. Mississippi Ave. for window shopping, lunch, and yummy yummy ice cream. For lunch we went to this Thai restaurant. I have to say I was hesitant at first because I had never eaten Thai food before, but it’s one of my sisters favorites, so we gave it a try. I was very surprised! It was very delicious. I had a little trouble eating a whole meal with chop sticks, as you can tell by my extreme concentration in the first picture. I’ll just say it wasn’t the fastest meal I’ve ever eaten.

Then onto dessert, my favorite meal. My friends make fun of me because of how much ice cream I eat! There’s always room for ice cream, right?? Some may not think so but I think they’re crazy. We went to Ruby Jewel Scoops. Best ice cream of my life, other than Tillamook! So so good. I usually don’t like waffle cones because they’re too thick or something like that, but these waffle cones were amazing! Thin and crisp. Delicious. That’s all I have to say.

This day was one of those random cooler days so I opted for cropped pants, layered tops, jean jacket, and sandals. Perfect. Even though I think this is more of a fall-ish outfit it still works. Especially with the pop of yellow.

Looking at these pictures has made me really want some ice cream. Well I’m off to scoop me some!

Pants: f21

Sweater top: Anthropologie

Shirt dress: f21

Jean Jacket: f21

Sandals: Payless

Bracelets: Gifts

Cozy Autumn Days

Oh my. I haven’t post in almost a week! Apologies. I meant to post on Wednesday or Thursday, but school took priority. Then, I didn’t get home til after 11 pm on Friday and Saturday. So here I am Sunday evening feeling like a zombie because I haven’t gotten much sleep this week/weekend. I had to wake up early on Saturday ( I got up an hour late, stupid alarm) for an improv festival my high school was hosting, I wasn’t a participant but I helped and took pictures of all the activities going on since I’m the historian for the drama club.  Then I didn’t get much sleep last night, not sure if it was due to the 40 minutes of a scary movie I watched with friends or my mild case on insomnia, maybe both.

I wore this outfit last Monday, perfect Monday outfit don’t ya think? Comfortable with a cozy sweater and scarf, great for a slow start to a cool autumn week. I went for the semi- monochromatic look.  One day I’ll conquer the full on monochromatic look, but for now I’m sticking with this.

Here is to a more energy filled week!

Do you have a comfortable go to piece of clothing for those cozy autumn days?

Mines a sweater and scarf.

Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft – my mother’s closet

Pants: f21

V-neck: Target

Scarf: Gap -my mother’s closet

belt: f21

Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Senior Picture Photo Shoot

A couple of Saturdays ago I had my senior pictures taken.  I didn’t want the traditional senior picture.  I wanted something unique and different.

I worked with my amazing photographer Meg of Megan Elle Photography to come up with the perfect senior picture that reflected who I am.  Because of my love for things old and vintage we used vintage Barbie as our inspiration for the photo shoot.  We went down to the train station in downtown Portland, a vintage store in The Pearl district and a farm.  It was so fun!

My mom found a great 50’s dress in a local vintage shop, we borrowed another vintage dress from the costume shop at my high school and I wore some of my own clothes too.

I can’t wait to share the actual photos with you but for right now here is a video of our photo shoot.  Let me know what you think.

Saturday Farmer's Market

I wore this outfit a couple of Saturdays ago. It was a beautiful day, so I matched it with a simple spring skirt. I picked this polka-dot shirt to give it a little something, and a brown woven belt to give it interest. It was kinda boring with out an accessory of some sort. Then I topped it off with yellow sandals and leather bag to add some sunshine-y color!

I love going to the farmers market on Saturday mornings for breakfast, when the air is still a little cool and fresh. My favorite Saturdays market always has a live band playing for people to enjoy music while eating or just wandering through all the booths.

Shirt: f21

Skirt: Old Navy

Belt: Salon Boutique

Sandals: Old Navy

Bag: Urban Outfitters

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