cooking for yourself.

{Dress: Thrifted, Boots: Ether, Sweater: Nordstrom Rack}

Well hey there. So yeah I know it’s been awhile. School is crazy. Work is crazy. Life is crazy. I’m not even technically all the way unpacked yet and we are heading into what? Our third week of school of here. So yeah…

Which is better? The dorms or an Apartment? Apartment by a landslide. But you freaking have to cook for yourself which kind of sucks. and do you want to know what sucks more? grocery shopping. The other day I swear (and she swears too) that I called my mom like 10 times when I was grocery shopping asking her all these questions about how many cups are in a can of chicken broth and which kind of meat I needed to buy for this recipe and spices and where I would find this item in the store. I would just hire a personal chef but apparently that is not in my poor college student budget. dang…

Well, I’ll get the hang of it…someday… i hope…

P.s. Sorry these pictures are way overexposed. Its been a rough couple of weeks if you hadn’t guessed. haha

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3 thoughts on “cooking for yourself.

  1. Cute outfit. . . . .Good Luck with the cooking–wish I could hire a chef for myself. It was great to see you alst month for the wedding. Good Luck with this semester too!

  2. After I got married it was tough cooking for us! And learning to only buy enough food for two people instead of my entire family was rough. We always have lots of leftovers. :)

  3. I was never taught to cook, so after I got married it was a disaster! I use my crockpot a LOT and have tons of recipes on my blog that makes cooking idiot (aka ME) proof. I’m still trying to figure out how to not have leftovers, but they make for a fantastic lunch or easy dinner on a lazy night. Hope you’re doing well!

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