deep loves.

You call them addictions, I call them deep loves.

1. Portland

my home, and always will be.

2. Coke

I can chug this stuff like a frat boy can chug beer. no joke.

3. Netlflix

I waste so much time watching shows on netflix. The latest show I can’t stop watching is Grey’s Anatomy. SOO good.

4. Painted Nails

This is a new deep love. Since one of my good friends here at college loves to paint nails, there is no reason for these babies to go naked.

What are your deep loves?

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10 thoughts on “deep loves.

  1. My deep loves:

    **Spending time with my sweetheart.
    **Skyping with the grandchildren (and children too).
    **Doing family history.
    **Writing letters and writing in my journal.
    **Reading scriptures.
    **Walking, walking, and walking some more.
    **And of course–the computer–blogs, pinterest, etc.

  2. Hi Tessa!

    Portland is a deep love of mine as well. I’ve lived here all my life, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I love the gorgeous seasons!

    Other deep loves: kitties, baking, independent films, and writing

    Have you checked out ‘Portlandia’? It’s on Netflix now! Soooo funny.

    -Emily H.

  3. What a cute blog you have here…so glad I stumbled upon it!!! :-)

    Okay so I am going to openly admit my deepest loves/downfalls haha…hot hot baths every night, goldenspoon frozen yogurt, my back tickled, blogging (kinda addicted) oh gosh I have to many to list! :-)


    come on over and follow along on my new blog all about color!

  4. 1st – I totally saw you on campus the other day (by the Tanner building). Hope that’s not too creepy :)

    2nd – I love painting my nails. I guess that makes me a girly girl?

    3rd – You’re great!

  5. I absolutely ADORE Grey’s Anatomy! I’m from the UK so a few episodes behind U.S, I make sure to watch it every Friday when it’s been put online though!

    I really enjoy your blog. x

  6. I WISH I loved having my nails painted! It seems like such a fun spot of color…but I can’t stand having them chipped or scratched and I’m extreeeemely lazy and get bored after painting about one nail. So alas…no painted nails for me. :(

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