Flower Child

Meet my friend Rachel. This is her Totally Tessa pose. hahaha. {She has totally been practicing. She just won’t admit it.} She came over to cook dinner with me for our Spanish cultural project. We made homemade tortillas for pork carnitas, salsa, Spanish rice, and fried ice cream. Let me tell you, it was DE-LICI-OUS!

So I thought if I wore my floral crown and my favorite spring dress, spring would finally come. But I guess it wasn’t enough. I’ll have to try again.

Also I just noticed, this outfit is very similar to this outfit I wore a little while ago. Maybe I need to switch it up a little bit more.  I’ll have to work on that!

That’s about it for today. I guess, have a fantastical weekend!

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14 thoughts on “Flower Child

  1. This is one of my all-time favorite dresses. I remember loving it from afar, then watching it sell out after going on sale, then frantically searching stores all over the country to find it. It really is the perfect lady-like spring dress. You look fantastic in it!

    Oh, and I totally remember making food for Spanish class. It was the best part of taking a foreign language!

  2. What a fun outfit–love the dress and your flower crown adds a wonderful touch. You have an awesome weekend too.

  3. Such a colorful and fun outfit! I’m all about flowers in the hair, always:-) xoxo

    P.S. I’m from Portland too! Don’t you just love this place?

  4. Hi! I read your guest post over at Kristine. or Polly. and I was stricken with your presentation – hello soulmate. Haha. I love your post and now your blog. I’m also graduating this spring (but in Sweden) and I love Pride & Prejudice. I don’t have your eye for fashion though. (sorry, long comment)

  5. Hi, Tessa! I saw your guest post on Kristine or Polly today, and I was like, hey I recognize her!

    Anyway, just wanted to say your blog is adorable, and that dress is fabulous. :)

    – Lauren

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