Girl Crush.

I love me some Adele, but seriously who doesn’t?

I’ve always been a fan but in the last 3 weeks or so my obsession with her has gotten a little out of control.  With her cd playing 24/7. literally. and it never gets old.

Her songs are amazing. Pure magic. Filled with so much honesty. Plus she is totally gorgeous.

But I wanted to share my favorite song of hers with you peeps.

It will break your heart.

Someone who can still sing with that much emotion after all the times they have sung the same song. Is absolutely extraordinary.

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7 thoughts on “Girl Crush.

  1. The guy at the end put it perfectly, when you sound like that all you need is a piano. No auto-tune for her. She has such a strong voice. Love it!

  2. Agreed. LOVE Adele. Her voice gives me shivers sometimes, and her lyrics always speak to me. I can’t believe she is only 21 with a second amazing album!

  3. Yes she is amazing. I was lucky enough to see her in San Diego House of Blues on her 19 cd. She is so beautiful & talented. can’t wait to see her in June with her new 21. lucky again…hehe. thank you for posting her song.

    and i love your style!

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