Lazy Day Hair Tutorial

Here it is folks!

Please ignore that starting frame. It is very unattractive and I do not have the power to change it. Stupid YouTube.

Anyways, I hope this helps all of you who wanted to know how I do my hair about 80% of the time!

YouTube Preview Image

That “cute hair thing” I refer to. Yeah I mean something like this.

I feel so exposed now that you all know what my voice sounds like. Weird.

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8 thoughts on “Lazy Day Hair Tutorial

  1. Great video…lovely hair and no your voice doesn’t sound any different to any westcoast girl. I love your blog and subscribe to it.

  2. Super cute!! Thanks for posting. I’m excited to try it on my own hair this summer since I wash it so much and don’t want to blow it out and straighten it every time.

  3. Ahh girlie, you sound so much different then I thought you would! Lol, love the lovely ‘do. I’d wear it if my hair were shorter.

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