London: 20 days!

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Sweater: j.crew, Shirt: Old Navy, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Sperry’s

I leave the country in 20 days!! This past weekend I decided what I’m packing for the 7.5 weeks that I will be in Europe! Let me just say that only being able to take one reasonably sized suitcase is the pits! Especially for an over-packer like me. My sister was helping me and she kept vetoing the amount of things I would pull out. booooo….doesn’t she know that no one likes a party pooper? The trick was to pick pieces that all mixed and matched and could wear a million different ways. But I think I might have it narrowed down and might just share with you what im bringing!

Now I just have to get through finals…woof.

P.s. Any good book/entertainment suggestions for the plane ride? Help!!

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7 thoughts on “London: 20 days!

  1. I must’ve missed the London announcement! How exciting!!!!! :) I know it’s super hard but don’t over pack (if at all possible) so you have room to bring back souvenirs and don’t have to pay overweight baggage fees. :) As for the plane- how about a few good books (if you don’t get motion sick) or nyquil. :)

  2. Love the orange yellow combo!

    Definitely pack light – It was hard when I was packing for my study abroad trip to London. But when I only had one big suitcase to drag around at the airport and nearly everyone else had two, I was SO glad I packed light. It’s also nice to have a little extra room to pack whatever you buy while there. I know people who actually had to buy an extra suitcase to pack all their stuff to bring home.

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