Natural Beauty

I have officially dubbed Sundays as my no make-up day (and some Saturdays). It first started off as I was too lazy or didn’t have enough time on Sunday mornings to put on make-up (even though I have one o’clock church!), but then I thought why do women put on a ton of make-up to cover up their natural beauty they were blessed with? I have nothing against wearing make-up, but how about we only put on what we need, to enhance our beauty, not cover it up or to distract from it. I understand being self-conscious about imperfect skin, and that maybe the only time you choose not to wear make-up is at home and that is great!

I already only wear mascara and a little foundation, 1. because I don’t how to put on eye shadow, why are there so many types of brushes for that anyways? 2. I used to wear 20 pounds of mascara my freshman year, and when looking back at the pictures, I think I look better with out make-up. In the end my face just feels so much cleaner!

Do any of you have a day where you don’t care about wearing make-up?

Hears to Natural Beauty and a clean start to the week! ( we can say… pun intended)

Shirt: H&M

Skirt: f21

Tights: Macy’s

Shoes: Ether

Accessories: f21

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8 thoughts on “Natural Beauty

  1. I almost never wear make up to be honest. I’ve worn make up once in the last 3 months or so. Mostly I don’t feel like putting it on, even though I do like make up… but the more I see myself without it the more I wonder why I do wear it at all.

  2. You totally pull off the natural look, and you pull it off well. I find myself being a minimalist with my make up lately, probably because I am in my 8th month of pregnancy. :) But I feel naked without mascara, so that is one thing I will put on everyday. I agree though, why hide natural beauty behind pounds of makeup?? Love your outfits, love your confidence and love your blog!

  3. I am hardly blessed with perfect skin skin so I always wear foundation whenever I go somewhere.
    my favorite makeup brand is Bare Escentuals they have really lovely pure mineral foundation, you don’t even feel like your wearing makeup and its really good for your skin.I also use some of there other products.

    • I use Bare Essentials foundation also! I must agree that it does feel like you are wearing nothing, that is what I love about it.

  4. When I was younger (14 or 15) I wore heavy black eyeliner a la Avril Lavigne. I also dyed my hair about 15 different times in a two year period and had a bunch of piercings. Than one day I dyed my hair back to my natural colour, took my piercings out and stopped wearing makeup. I seldom wear makeup at all now. Most people even if they know how to put makeup on correctly (i.e. not caked on) still look better without it in my humble opinion.

  5. i love love LOVE your skirt! but i dont like the tights and shirt together they arent quiet the right colours! they are good individual peices though!

    you definately dont need makeup! you look gorgeous without it!

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