New. New. New.

It’s a new year. a new term. and a new blog!

It’s so exciting to have the design all finished and I love it and I hope that you do as well. The lovely Erisha of A thing Created is the mastermind behind the fabulous new header and I am obsessed with it. She is such an amazing artist and I love all of her work and you definitely need to check out her site. It’s my new favorite!

Name Change.

So I have been wanting to distance my self from “Totally Tessa” for a long time now and with the new design it was perfect timing. I started this blog in high school and the blog name “Totally Tessa” fit for that time in my life, but since coming to college and as I prepare for a future career I wanted something different. I love my name and the way my first and middle name sounds together – “Tessa Leigh”. That was it. My new blog name. It was a done deal.

So welcome to Tessa Leigh, a personal and daily fashion blog!

There is something about a clean slate at the New Year that is so refreshing and motivating. I’m really looking forward to keep growing this blog this next year and I am so thankful to all of you who stop by here at the new and improved Tessa Leigh styles blog.

Happy Monday!

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7 thoughts on “New. New. New.

  1. one day you will be Tessa Leigh the superstar style blogger, i just know it. and I’ll tell people I knew you from the start. hehe.

    Love the new banner and your full name of course!

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