Orlando in Pictures

I’m about to take you on a photo adventure of my trip to Orlando.

You ready? It’s kind of a picture overload so prepare yourselves.





{Totally ready to go with my Mickey ears in place!}

{First day – Typhoon Lagoon where my shoulders got so incredibly burnt. One word: Ouch x1843985478. I even put on SPF 50……But still SO fun}

{Second Day – MAGIC KINGDOM!}

{Ice Cream treats in the shape of Mickey are a million times more tasty. Check out that Sunburn. SEXY!}

{The firework show is pure magic. Happiest moments of my life right there}

{Loved every minute of this parade}

{Third Day – 3 hour nap and EPCOT!}

{Found this little treasure. Wanted to take it home with me so bad but I had to leave it in EPCOT. Sad day}

{I felt like such a little kid getting my picture with some of the characters and it seriously was the best thing ever! Made my day.}

{We traveled through all the different countries but stopped in France for some Crepes. So delicious}

{Fourth Day – Downtown Disney and DECA – we actually did DECA everyday but this was the only day I documented part of it.}

{DECA rocks…… This venue held all 15,000 of us. It was crazy to say¬† the least.}

{We got kind of bored during some of the sessions, so we took funny/ugly pictures of ourselves. Problem solved.}

{Fifth Day – Islands of Adventure/ Universal Studios}

{Can’t say I’m the biggest fan of big crazy roller coasters, so my friend and I stuck to the fun and not as intense ones}

{HARRY POTTER WORLD – the flight simulator ride was my favorite! SOOO cool.}

{So delicious and tasted like cream soda}

{Breakfast Waffles for dinner= DELICIOUS. p.s. this was taken on my disposable camera}

{One last look for you peeps}

I hope you made it to the end and enjoyed a journey through pictures on my trip to Orlando for DECA nationals!

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11 thoughts on “Orlando in Pictures

  1. This makes me want to drop everything and go on a trip to Disney. And there is no way you weren’t the best dressed girl in the whole park — I bet your cute dresses made all the tourists with their fanny packs and sneakers feel foolish. :)

  2. What a fun trip. Glad you had this experience and all the fun memories to add to your memory bank. THANKS for sharing with us! I’ve been to Disney World two times and would go back in a minute. . . . . .so much fun!

  3. Tessa you made my day! Everything’s pretty and I am sure I will come back to check this post out again :)
    I’m sorry for the sunburn, I totally understand you, I also get easily sunburnt.

  4. ummm… this is so WEIRD. i’ve been away from blogs for a while (finals) and i had no idea you were in orlando… but i was too! i left the same day and we were in disney world on the same days! bizarro man!
    oh, and i blogged for a while at saltcitystyle.blogspot.com so we’ve talked before… but i got too busy and stopped. sad face.

  5. WOW! It looks like you had a really fun trip!! Our family went to WDW with some friends over Spring Break. I had gone with this family a couple years ago and had told them how badly I wanted to go with my family! It was such a magical trip. (I love the Mickey Bars. My favorite snack.)

  6. the DECA group from my hometown was in Orlando as well! They had a lot of fun, and it looks like you did too.

    Your blog is lovely, as are you. Wish I had as much fashion sense! But alas, I am creative in other ways…such as with paint/cameras/words…fashion is not my strong suit. But people like you inspire me to get out of my box!

    <3 Much love.

    – s

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