out on the dance floor.

{Skirt: Thrifted; Shirt: h&m; Shoes: Old Navy}

I got back in town yesterday from Arizona and I am exhausted! I feel like I could sleep for 5 days straight at the moment but I had to get back to the 8 to 5 job today…

One thing that baffles me about Arizona is how it can still be over 100 degrees at 11 at night?! It’s just out of control!

My brothers wedding was perfect, elegant and delicious! I had two pieces of wedding cake…whoops! Once the dancing started my sister and I kicked off our shoes and danced the night away. We were out there bustin’ our groove thang the whole time. That’s just how we roll. You can just say my feet were pretty sore….But totally worth it.

My mom got some pretty great pictures. I’ll have to post them later! So look out for an update!

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4 thoughts on “out on the dance floor.

  1. You are just adorable! Your bangs are how I WISH mine looked, ha! How exciting that your brother just got married! Cannot wait for a wedding in my family! Anyway, love this look. Your style is too cute!

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