straightening things up.

To me, doing my hair has always seemed like a chore. Maybe I’m lazy or maybe….yeah there really is no other reason. The people over at Misikko generously sent me the HANA Titanium 1.5″ Flat Iron. It sounds fancy doesn’t it?! Well, it works like a dream and I love using it! Hair is a chore no more.

So i have these awkward wannabe beach curls when I air dry my hair because I hate blow drying my hair, especially in the summer. It’s just too hot! This wonderful flat iron erases them all away! They also sent me some heat styling oil which HOLY COW makes my hair SUPER soft and makes my hair look that much more fabulous. A heat protectant is really important, especially for me since I have such thin, fine hair.

Oh! you know what else I love about this flat iron?? that you can adjust the heat on it! It’s so nice because my other straightener only has one setting and I like to keep it on a lower heat since I don’t want to totally scorch my fine hair.

So go on over and check out their fabulous site that has many fabulous flat irons, hair dryers, curling irons and much more that might catch your eye!

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3 thoughts on “straightening things up.

  1. Happy Second Week of School! Love the outfit and your new straightener! Things should be happier around BYU after that great comeback for them to win over Mississippi. Happy Sabbath! Love from WA! Aunt Tamara

  2. I just might have to get one of these. I’ve been hearing great reviews everywhere! If you see me on campus, I’m the girl with the hair that desperately needs a new flat iron :)

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