What the pictures are really saying…

{No ones out here, right? Check! Let’s get this photo shoot started!}

{Hello beautiful shoes, how are you today? Comfy? Yes, I know.}

{Boy oh boy is it freezing out here!}

{Time for a close up! I loved today’s color combination. My heart is in love.}

{Hello boy who is walking towards me that is trying to ignore what is going on. Awkward...}

{Wind, seriously? You are out of control! Calm it down}

{Hairspray is taking over my life! Those hands are dance hands! In every dance that I am in we do those hands! They have become a horrible habit! }

{Sorry Mikayla but I had to! because you make me smile, plus that headband is fabulous!}

And that’s it! These past couple of days have been pretty emotional, as the whole college decision thing is turning out to be WAY more difficult than I thought it would be. I am glad it is the weekend and I’m totally going to pull a Rory Gilmore and make a Pro/Con list for each school!

Wish me luck!

P.s. Hair tutorial is being made this weekend! {Good thing in my last like 3 posts I’ve had the same hairstyle. Honestly, unintentional!}

Blouse: H&M

Sweater: f21

Pants: Old Navy

Socks: f21

Shoes: Kohls – Simply Vera by Vera Wang

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10 thoughts on “What the pictures are really saying…

  1. I love your sweater, and of course your shoes! Your friend look so cute!! Love the Gilmore girls :) What schools are you deciding between? The logic I used to pick my school is priceless! But totally worked.

  2. Oh college. It’s such a hard decision. I feel your pain! What are your choices?? I totally love that you referenced Gilmore Girls. I love that show! And your outfit is so stinkin cute. I love it! And I really think I need to come see your production of Hairspray! I love that show!

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